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Top 25 Things To Do this Summer

Summer fun is plentiful in Lancaster, PA – whether you’re looking for family fun, outdoor adventure or great ways to spend the evening.

Start planning your summer visit with our list of 25 things to do this season:

1] Fly through the trees on the Ziplines at Refreshing Mountain.

2] Discover new music at an outdoor concert.
Nissley Vineyards hosts concerts on Saturday evenings (adults only), and Long’s Park holds family-friendly concerts on Sunday evenings.

3] Explore the county by bike with either a self-guided or guided tour with Intercourse Bike Works.

4] Stroll around Downtown Lancaster during Music Friday with live performances scattered throughout the city.
Held on the third Friday of each month.

5] Relax while floating down the creek with Sickman’s Mill Creek Tubing.

6] Watch Fourth of July Fireworks light up the Lancaster sky.

7] Celebrate trails and the great outdoors.
The National Trails Day Celebration will be held at the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail on June 3.

8] Snap a photo and enter the
#Lancastergram contest.
#Lancastergram is Discover Lancaster’s annual photo contest hosted on Instagram with great prizes for winning photos. The contest begins on June 26 and ends on September 4.

9] Dive into Lancaster’s rich history with a Historic Lancaster Walking Tour.

10] Splash in Duke’s Lagoon at Dutch Wonderland®.
This water playground is great for kids 12 and under especially on a hot day.

11] Take your family out to the ball game to see the
Lancaster Barnstormers.
Fireworks and concerts after select games.

12] Find fresh picked produce at a local roadside stand or market.

13] Meet Thomas the Tank Engine™ when he comes to Strasburg Rail Road.
Day Out with Thomas™ takes place June 17-25.

14] Find your way through the maze and enjoy farm themed fun at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm.

15] For a little friendly competition, go for a round of mini golf.

16] Cheers to craft brews at Lancaster Craft Beerfest.
Held on August 26 in Downtown Lancaster.

17] Spend a day at Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach for swimming, picnicking, and fun.
Located 25 miles north of Lancaster County.

18] Camp out and toast a marshmallow or two at a local campground.

19] Sip wine and learn more about libations at local wineries.

20] Zip along the back roads by scooter on a memorable tour.
Strasburg Scooters offers a variety of tours daily.

21] Whether in a cup or in a cone, cool down with tasty ice cream… 

22] Or make ice cream of your own at the Turkey Hill Experience’s Taste Lab.

23] Join in the celebration of culture, diversity, and the City of Lancaster.
Celebrate Lancaster is held on June 30 with music, food vendors, pub areas, and fireworks.

24] Browse fine arts and crafts at an outdoor craft show.
Including Long’s Park Art Festival, Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show, and Lititz Outdoor Art Show.

25] Experience Lancaster in authentic fashion by staying on a farm.

For more exciting happenings, check out our events calendar.

History, Beer & Dining at Bube’s Brewery

Whether you love beer, history or both, Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy is worth a visit. Named for it’s proprietor, Alois Bube, the brewery features unique spaces for a casual night out, a group dinner, or even a wedding.

In 1876, Alois Bube, a young German immigrant, began brewing German-style lager in Mount Joy. The brewery was one of hundreds in the United States at the time, delivering within horse and carriage range (about 20 miles). The brewery ran without the luxuries of electricity and refrigeration, hence the catacombs that lay under the building.

In Alois Bube’s time, the catacombs served as the refrigerator, chilling beer prior to delivery. Today, visitors can take a free tour of the catacombs daily between 5:30 and 9:00 PM, and even have dinner there. Select Fridays and Sundays, the Catacombs are transformed for themed feasts, including medieval, pirate, and gypsy feasts to name a few. If you’re looking to get married in a super unique space, Bube’s hosts weddings in the catacombs as well.

If you’re looking for a meal with a dash of theatrics and mystery, join Bube’s for a murder mystery dinner, either during a public dinner or with a group for a private event. You’ll be transported back in time with one of their many story lines for an entertaining evening paired with a complete dinner.

While you’re visiting, grab a bite to eat, with fine dining available in the Catacombs and casual dining in The Bottling Works. Bube’s recently brought on Executive Chef, David Nutter, who is revamping the menu to feature new seasonal items. They’re still brewing small batches of beer as well to pair with your meal.

When the weather warms up, the Beirgarten is open for outdoor dining. The Beirgarten has lots of character, with greenery, a life-sized chess board, and the huge boiler and smokestack which was used to power the brewery back in the day.

Newly added to the Bube’s Brewery complex is the Bootleggers Escape – Live Escape Room. The Escape Room takes you back in time to the roaring 20s to put your detective skills. This is a great activity for up to six people, as you work together to solve clues and puzzles.

On April 28, Bube’s will host their first Jazz Night at Alois. Kevin Valentine will be performing at 8:00 PM in the original Victorian Central Hotel. Light, tapas-style fare along with select whiskies, cocktails, martinis and homemade beer will be available while you enjoy the soulful music.

For more information on this fascinating complex, their events and happenings, be sure to visit their website!

Breakfast at the Brickerville House Family Restaurant

I’m typically not a breakfast person.  My morning routine consists of feeding, clothing, and rushing two young boys off to school, so my personal gastronomic needs often get pushed to the side. However, when I finally do get a chance to eat in the a.m., I like to do it right with as much toast, eggs and pancakes as I can pile on.

After a particularly early morning photo outing nearby, I had the chance to eat breakfast at the Brickerville House Family Restaurant. Because I get to eat breakfast so rarely, It’s extra special when I

1. get to eat outside the confines of my car on my way to work


2. have a meal that is not delivered through a drive-thru window and encased in its entirety in a paper wrapper.

So considering my lofty “special” breakfast expectations, the Brickerville House didn’t end up disappointing.

Their breakfast menu was pretty extensive, offering omelettes, waffles, breakfast sandwiches and their famous “from scratch” buttermilk pancakes. My dad, who had bravely accompanied me out that early in the chilly March morning air, ordered the special of the day; apple pie and cinnamon pancakes (pictured above). I had a hankering for a traditional farm breakfast so I ended up getting eggs with toast, hash browns and some Canadian bacon.

The coffee came out steaming, and judging by our completely empty plates at the end of the meal, the food tasted great.  The atmosphere inside the restaurant was very “Lancaster County.” I felt like I was eating in an old farm house. According to their website, the Brickerville House itself was located on what used to be the main road from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and once served as a stagecoach stop and tavern and that historic feel has definitely been preserved.

I may not eat breakfast often, but when I do the Brickerville House Family Restaurant will definitely be at the top of my list.

The Brickerville House is located just outside of Lititz on Route 501 and serves lunch and dinner in addition to their very tasty breakfast.

Dining at Gibraltar in Lancaster

This past weekend I got the chance to dine at Gibraltar in Lancaster. My in-laws had offered to take my wife and I there for ages and we were finally able to coordinate our schedules (and babysitting duties for the kids) to make it happen. Since my wife and I have two small children, our dining out experiences tend to be less distinctive these days, leaning more towards establishments offering a free tchotchke with the purchase of a soda. Needless to say, we were looking forward to an evening of culinary pampering. I heard through the grapevine Gibraltar had an excellent reputation for its seafood, and being a lover or all eats oceanic, I hoped I was in for a treat.

The restaurant itself is very stylish with high ceilings and colorful yet stylish decor. It really gave you the sense of sitting in an open air café on the Mediterranean even though in reality it was the middle of February in the heart of Pennsylvania. The restaurant really had a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our server (and I wish I could remember her name, because she was fantastic) was very knowledgeable on all the dishes we inquired about and was able to describe each in great detail. She was very friendly and accommodating. I ended up selecting the Whole Adriatic Sea Branzino which is an Italian seabass. Our server explained that by not filleting the fish and serving it whole on the bone, it actually added some sweetness during the cooking process. The fish came in a white wine sauce with accompanying Yukon gold potatoes and grilled asparagus.

I’m not going to pretend I’m some sort of an accomplished food critic here, so all I will say is there was nothing left on the plate of the photo you see above. It was very very very good. You could probably add as many very’s as you would like on to that last sentence and it still wouldn’t have it covered. Others in our party ordered the Surf & Turf consisting of a filet mignon and shrimp (sorry I’m a little short on the details for this dish, I was too busy thinking about my seabass) and my wife had the Moroccan Spiced Colossal Shrimp on Coconut Basmati Rice. Everyone was very satisfied with their meals, and I believe everyone else’s plates were empty by the end of the night as well.

We had other plans in the area, so we couldn’t stay for dessert but we did look at the dessert menu and they looked just as fantastic as the entrees. We did have coffee, and our server went above and beyond the call of duty for my wife, who’s not a coffee drinker, by making her a delicious impromptu hot chocolate made from chocolate ganache and steamed milk. All in all, we had a wonderfully sophisticated evening out and we’ll definitely be returning to Gibraltar in the future.


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