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Countryside Breakfast or Downtown Brunch?

Rise and shine – it’s time to start your day in Lancaster County! Treat yourself to the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast or brunch – which will you choose?

For a Countryside Breakfast:

A traditional breakfast featuring eggs, home fries, pancakes and other favorites can be found at many of the local PA Dutch restaurants and buffets. Try a little bit of everything with an all-you-care-to-eat smorgasbord or order off the menu of tasty classics.

Here are some favorite breakfast spots across the county:

Shady Maple: features two hundred feet of deliciously authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Be sure to try one of their house-made doughnuts or pastries!

Oregon Dairy Country Restaurant & Buffet: serving a full breakfast menu Monday through Sunday plus a breakfast buffet Friday, Saturday and Sunday

DJ’s Taste of the 50’s: classic breakfast dishes served in a vintage diner setting

For a Downtown Brunch:

Brunch is a delicious early afternoon meal typically served on Saturday and Sunday, and featuring dishes that combine the best of lunch and breakfast. Tasty brunch spots are popping up across Downtown Lancaster, serving up brunch burgers, quiche, chicken and waffles, and cocktails.

Explore Lancaster City and stop by one of these great brunch spots:

Annie Bailey’s: a traditional Irish pub serving classic Irish breakfast items and savory lunch burgers and sandwiches

Aussie and the Fox: blending American and Australian cuisine and creating delicious brunch dishes and cocktails

Prince Street Café: serving breakfast or lunch all day, along with hot and cold espresso and coffee drinks

Bon appetite!

Lunch at DJ’s Taste of the 50’s

I’ve always been obsessed with the 50’s.  I’m not sure why, but judging from all the nostalgia for that time period dating back to the airing of Happy Days in the 70’s I know I’m not alone in that department.  For me, I think it has more to do with the design aesthetic of that decade.  I love shiny chrome and neon lights. I can’t get enough of either, so when I heard that DJ’s Taste of the 50’s was opening close to where I work, it didn’t take me long to check it out during my lunch hour.

Entering the cozy neon-trimmed restaurant, you immediately realize that DJ’s went all out in giving you that fifties feel.  From how the servers are dressed (some were even decked out in poodle skirts straight out of the sock-hop in Grease) to the glass straw containers lining the counter, to the checkerboard floor pattern, every visual detail was taken care of.

My server talked me into the Fired-Up Knuckle Burger, a bacon cheeseburger with the works, as well as some onion rings and a soda.  She told me that DJ’s customers have been saying  the burgers were the, “best in the county.”  After finishing mine, I don’t think I could disagree.  My burger was juicy, full of flavor and packed with toppings.

A lot of places with a theme don’t always deliver quality in all the areas they need to.  They either get the theme down pat and fall down in the food department or vice versa.  DJ’s delivered the goods on both counts.

The retro feel in full tilt at DJ's Taste of the 50's

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