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History, Beer & Dining at Bube’s Brewery

Whether you love beer, history or both, Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy is worth a visit. Named for it’s proprietor, Alois Bube, the brewery features unique spaces for a casual night out, a group dinner, or even a wedding.

In 1876, Alois Bube, a young German immigrant, began brewing German-style lager in Mount Joy. The brewery was one of hundreds in the United States at the time, delivering within horse and carriage range (about 20 miles). The brewery ran without the luxuries of electricity and refrigeration, hence the catacombs that lay under the building.

In Alois Bube’s time, the catacombs served as the refrigerator, chilling beer prior to delivery. Today, visitors can take a free tour of the catacombs daily between 5:30 and 9:00 PM, and even have dinner there. Select Fridays and Sundays, the Catacombs are transformed for themed feasts, including medieval, pirate, and gypsy feasts to name a few. If you’re looking to get married in a super unique space, Bube’s hosts weddings in the catacombs as well.

If you’re looking for a meal with a dash of theatrics and mystery, join Bube’s for a murder mystery dinner, either during a public dinner or with a group for a private event. You’ll be transported back in time with one of their many story lines for an entertaining evening paired with a complete dinner.

While you’re visiting, grab a bite to eat, with fine dining available in the Catacombs and casual dining in The Bottling Works. Bube’s recently brought on Executive Chef, David Nutter, who is revamping the menu to feature new seasonal items. They’re still brewing small batches of beer as well to pair with your meal.

When the weather warms up, the Beirgarten is open for outdoor dining. The Beirgarten has lots of character, with greenery, a life-sized chess board, and the huge boiler and smokestack which was used to power the brewery back in the day.

Newly added to the Bube’s Brewery complex is the Bootleggers Escape – Live Escape Room. The Escape Room takes you back in time to the roaring 20s to put your detective skills. This is a great activity for up to six people, as you work together to solve clues and puzzles.

On April 28, Bube’s will host their first Jazz Night at Alois. Kevin Valentine will be performing at 8:00 PM in the original Victorian Central Hotel. Light, tapas-style fare along with select whiskies, cocktails, martinis and homemade beer will be available while you enjoy the soulful music.

For more information on this fascinating complex, their events and happenings, be sure to visit their website!

Delicious PA Dutch Food is plentiful here

The other day I realized that I have never experienced Pennsylvania Dutch food, which is odd since I grew up near Lancaster County. If you are even slightly familiar with the Lancaster area, you know that food is part of the culture. Because I love food, I decided to give it a try. I invited my friend Jason to go with me to Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant and Bakery.

Good ‘N Plenty is a Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant with two dining options and a bakery. We had the choice of traditional dining or an all-you-can-eat, family-style dining (family-style dining is the most popular). There was no question about it. We were hungry and ready to try something new – family style dining was the clear choice!

Family style dining is one of the most unique dining experiences I have ever had. We walked into a huge, open room with rows of long tables. Each table had seating for 12 people. The hostess seated us next to a young couple and shortly after another couple joined us. As we waited for the meal to be brought to us, the table had a few of Lancaster’s favorite appetizers such as chow chow and pepper cabbage along with fresh baked bread accompanied with fresh apple butter. As we ate the appetizers, we got to know the others at our table. Both couples were from out of town visiting Lancaster County, one from Georgia and the other from New York.

After a few minutes of learning more about each other, bowls among bowls of food were brought to our table. Everything you could imagine of the home cooking variety was placed in front of us including meats, vegetables, and my personal favorite, mashed potatoes. The food was delicious. After everyone at our table helped themselves to the endless amount of food, it was time for dessert. Our waitress brought five different desserts to the table, including pies, homemade ice cream, and cheesecake.

Choosing my favorite part of our dining experience is extremely hard to do. Family dining is a unique experience that everyone should try. Good ‘N Plenty did a great job preparing delicious Pennsylvania Dutch food that was served hot and quickly replenished when empty.

After dinner, be sure to stretch your legs by walking out back and visit the petting zoo!

Great eats and sweet treats

I took a mini culinary tour of Lancaster County (I know, I know; this is a tough part of my job), and sampled two types of fare: traditional PA Dutch cooking and delicious candies.

My first stop was at Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant in Smoketown, where we held our board meeting.  Good ‘N Plenty has been around since 1969 and features both family-style dining and a-la-carte offerings.  They’ve been voted best local PA Dutch restaurant for 17 years, so if you’re craving authentic PA Dutch favorites, Good ‘N Plenty is the place to go.

I sampled my regular favorites:  roast turkey, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and whoopie pies, which were all delicious.  But I also decided to expand my horizons and try two PA Dutch food items I had never sampled – brown buttered noodles and cracker pudding.

I’ve been told brown buttered noodles are a popular PA Dutch specialty but always wondered what all the hype was about.  They’re just noodles cooked with butter, right?  Well, they’re also made with a mix of seasonings that make them unbelievably tasty.  I tried some and they melted in my mouth – I can see why they are a favorite of visitors and locals alike.

Then I was asked to try rice pudding, to which I reflexively replied “Yuck.”  But Glenn Lapp, the owner of Good ‘N Plenty, coaxed me into trying a small dish.  The pudding was cool and refreshing, and tasted like a cross between tapioca and coconut cream pie.  It was so yummy, I went back for seconds.

The food at Good ‘N Plenty was delicious, and the service was friendly and fast.  They also have a bakery and a large gift shop.

I ended my week with a visit to the grand opening of Miesse Candies’ newest location, on Water Street in Downtown Lancaster (they have a total of three locations).  Attendees included a Who’s Who of Lancaster, so it was definitely the place to be on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Miesse Candies has been in business since 1875 and features some of the best candy you will ever taste, made with all-natural ingredients.  Sea salt caramels, coconut creams, and chocolate-covered pretzels were just a few of the delectable treats I was fortunate enough to sample.  If you love candy, this is a must see (and taste!) for you.

Miesse Candies offers informative factory tours at their Water Street location for a nominal cost, and they will also package and mail your candy for you.  They are great gift ideas – I have given them as gifts on several occasions and have come out as quite the hero.

Add a stop at Miesse Candies’ new downtown store to your next visit and you won’t be disappointed.

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