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Scooting around Lancaster’s Back Roads

On a beautiful fall day, the Discover Lancaster team took to the back roads of southern Lancaster County, not by car, buggy or bus, but by scooter! We met at Strasburg Scooters for a unique adventure, and were excited to see the fall foliage, covered bridges and farmland from a new perspective.

After a safety lesson and a few practice laps around the block, our group set off for our three-hour Covered Bridge tour, ready for the sights that were waiting to be discovered. Our scooters buzzed as we made our way up and down rolling hills. The foliage glowed in the warm sun. The wind, especially as we made our way through open roads, made for a chilly ride, but the experience made braving the cold worth it.

As we buzzed towards our first stop, we were guided around the curves and wooded back roads, dotted with beautiful fall-colored trees. Our guide signaled our first stop at a covered bridge, where we got off our scooters for a history lesson and a photo opportunity. After warming our hands and observing the architecture of the bridge, we hit the road again, headed towards our next two stops, a vista then an Amish farm.

Our guide knew the backgrounds well, and our caravan was greeted by Amish children at each schoolhouse we passed. When they heard the scooters coming around the bend or over the hill, they ran to the fence, greeted our guide and scrambled to collect the candy he tossed to them.

We pulled in to the Amish farm house and had the opportunity to tour their barn, meet the horses and learn more about Amish lifestyle and tradition. It was a great chance to learn more about the Amish, before hitting the road for our last stop.

Our final stop before heading back to base was another covered bridge, slightly narrower than the first, with more history to learn about. After snapping a few group photos to commemorate our adventure, we followed our trusty guide back to the starting point.

While our ride was quite cold, we were thrilled by journey we took around the county. If you’re looking to see the farmlands and the less traveled back roads, check out Strasburg Scooters. During the summer, they host a variety of tours including the Covered Bridge Tour, Date Night Tour, Bridge and Beer Tour, Amish Country Mystery Tour and more. Their fall tours include a Spooky Scoot, while winter features Scootin’ with Santa.

– Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly. We anticipated cooler weather and dressed in layers plus brought hats and gloves and even hand warmers! If you warm up along the way, there is space in the seat area of the scooter to store extra layers.
– Have your camera or phone charged and ready. Historic bridges and beautiful views await, and you’ll want to be sure to capture them when you stop to enjoy.
– Ask questions! The Strasburg Scooter guides have a wealth of knowledge about the bridges, Amish farm life, and the county itself, and are happy to share information along the way.
– If you don’t feel comfortable driving a single seat scooter, opt for a Scoot Coupe which look like small convertibles. They have three wheels for extra stability, and seat two people.

An enjoyable “scoot” around town

When I told my husband we were going on a scooter tour of Lancaster County, he was both thrilled and nervous.  Thrilled because he thought it would be fun, and like me, he has yet to experience Lancaster from a tourist’s perspective.  Nervous because he wasn’t quite sure of my ability to safely operate a scooter (I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “precision driver” – if you could see my front car bumper you would understand).

However, when we arrived at Strasburg Scooters, his worries were quickly laid to rest.  Our instructor, and partner in the business, Marc Crusemire did an outstanding job of getting me and the other riders comfortable with the scooter and making sure we were competent riders.  After a quick lesson and a few laps around the block, we were ready to go.

For the next three and a half hours, we toured some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.  Marc kept laughing at me because at every stop sign all I could say was “wow” (Marc put me second in the scooter line up since I was the least experienced).  We rode by farms, quaint road side stands, and lush fields showcasing flowers of every color.  We passed between 8-10 buggies along the way, and every time we did we received a friendly wave and smiles from the drivers.

We saw cows, horses, chickens, sheep, bison, and even a deer farm.  We stopped at four very old and beautiful covered bridges, where we received a brief history lesson from our guide, and had the opportunity to take photos.  I learned that not only does Pennsylvania have the most covered bridges of any state, but Lancaster County has the most covered bridges of any county within the state.

Our group was a good size – there were seven of us – and included a local couple and one visiting from Massachusetts.  We rode single file, and Marc always kept a close eye on the group.  He had lots of fun facts and anecdotes to share on the tour, along with his great sense of humor.  He was the consummate host and instructor.

Near the end of the tour, we stopped at an Amish dairy farm to take a quick tour and briefly speak to the owner, who was busy in his woodshop making bird houses.  We saw buggy horses, field work horses, lots of cows, of course, and two calves that were only three days old.  A few of the owner’s small children were laying in the shade in the front yard and eagerly waved to us. Riding the scooter was a lot of fun, and I can’t even begin to describe the beauty I saw everywhere I went.  Words can’t do it justice, so I recommend you go and see it for yourself.  I can honestly say it is one of the coolest things I have ever done, and will definitely recommend it to all my friends and family members who visit this beautiful destination.  If you want to experience Lancaster County in a fun and unique way, this tour is definitely for you.

In addition to the tour I enjoyed, Strasburg Scooters has four other tours from which to choose.  For more information, visit www.strasburgscooters.com.

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